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Guide: Covid-19 Tests are Not All the Same!

Nasal swabs?

The general public has an idea of how Covid-19 tests look like. They have a rough understanding of the process; stick the swab up your nose and you're done, right?

Not quite. In fact, there are a few different Covid-19 tests out there. However, nasal swabs are the most common. Covid-19 could also be tested for via blood testing.

This brings us to another critical piece of the puzzle; PCR testing.

Main Testing Categories

So, you take a swab and stick it up your nose. Now what? What happens to those swabs?

Generally speaking, we have two types of tests; diagnostic and antibody tests.

Nasal swabbing is part of diagnostic testing. This will help you discover if you have Covid-19 even if you're still asymptomatic. As you can imagine, finding out early will help you make decisions that could possibly save you and your family.

Then we have antibody tests AKA serological tests. Antibody tests were designed to detect Covid-19 antibodies in your blood. Antibodies are made by the immune system to help fight Covid-19. People who have Covid-19 antibodies could be resistant to the virus or even immune to it!

Surprisingly, not all Covid-19 survivors developed antibodies! What's even more interesting is that some Covid-19 carriers never displayed any symptoms.

In conclusion, antibody tests are used as a "background check" on your history with Covid-19, however, they're not meant to diagnose active infection.

PCR Testing?

Now, let's discuss diagnostic testing. As are as Covid-19 testing, there are various diagnostic tests, however, the most accurate test is a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). Nucleic acid amplification tests are the gold standard for detecting viruses because of their ability to detect minuscule amounts of the virus as opposed to other test.

Rt-PCR test is a perfect example of a nucleic acid amplification test. This is the same type of test we use here at EZ Clinical Laboratory to guarantee tests' accuracy.

Let the Experts Help You

Our mission at EZ Clinical Labs is to provide the best patient service combined with premium test accuracy. Our dedicated team of experts will certainly help you determine the type of Covid-19 tests that's perfect for you.

Why Us?

  1. Same-day Covid-19 testing

  2. Results within 24-hours

  3. All insurance accepted

  4. No prescription required

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at any of the following locations:

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Disclaimer: this article is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before applying any of the information on this website.


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