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Lavender top (4.0ml, K2, EDTA, tray of 100)
Lavender top (9ml, K2, EDTA, each)
Dark Blue top (6ml, K2, EDTA, each)
Dark Blue top (6ml Trace Element Serum, each)
Yellow top (6ml ACD A Solu., each)
Yellow top (6ml ACD B Solu., each)
Red top (10ml, no additive, each)
Red top (6.0ml, no additive, each)
Green top (6ml Sodium Heparin, each)
Gray top (4.0ml Sodium Fluoride, each)
Serum Separator Tube (SST, 8.5ml, tray of 100)
Serum Separator Tube (SST, 4.0ml, tray of 100)
Light Blue top (4.5ml, Buffered Sodium Citrate,
tray of 100)


Aerobic Blood Culture Bottle (each)
Anaerobic Blood Culture Bottle (each)
M4 Viral Media Tube (each)

Urine Collection

24 Hour Urine (each)
Urine Culture (each)
Urinalysis Tube (Blue top, pack of 10)
Sterile Urine Container (Orange top)

Stool Collection

Occult Blood Stool Card (each)
Ova and Parasite Kits (each)
Parapack C&S (each)


Thin Prep (tray of 25)
Cytology Brushes (each)
Cytology Brooms (each)
Pap- Packs (each)


10ml Biopsy Container (each)
30ml Biopsy Container (each)
60ml Biopsy Container (each)


21G x 1"
21G x 1 ½"
22G x 1"
22G x 1 ½"
21G Butterfly
23G Butterfly
Needle Holder (single use)
Needle Holder (multi use)


Specimen Bags
Tourniquet Latex (white)
Tourniquet Latex-Free (blue)
Glucose Beverage (50)
Alcohol Swabs (box of 200)
Gauze (2x2, sleeve of 200)
Band-Aids (box of 200)
Sharps Container (2 gal, each)


Your Information

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